Our drone coding program pairs the latest drone technology with scalable programming languages. Beginners start with dev tool, Blockly, and gradually build to more advanced languages like Python. 

We currently offer various packages, adjusted to suit your need, including: 

  • In School / Person Instruction

  • Virtual / Remote Instruction

  • Professional Development

  • After School Clubs

  • Private Lessons

  • Demonstration / Presentations

Game coding is a fun way to introduce frontend and backend app development through the use of Blockly. For more advanced students, introductory courses into Unity and Unreal Engine are available also. 

Scroll down and hit "Run" on our program to the right to see the Turtle game in action and please refer to the resources below for more information! 

For more information on different variations of our game coding program, please hover over the boxes to the right. 

We are able to offer private or group lessons in various programming languages ranging from the more basic, Scratch and Blockly to more advanced languages like SQL, Python and Javascript. 

Hover over the icons to get more information about the application and use of each language. 

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Click for Python Curriculum Sample

Click for Blockly Curriculum Sample

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