What are ESports?

ESports, or team-based video game competitions, are not only the future of popular entertainment, they are leaders of the present, quickly filling the void left by traditional sporting events. Like physical sports, they encompass a mixture of raw talent, acquired skill, and coaching. Increasingly, colleges and universities are offering significant ESports scholarships to develop their own competitive teams. Like YouTubers, gamers and streamers are becoming veritable and well-paid occupations that allow for individuals to make a living (and sometimes much more) doing what they love. 

  1. ESports are inclusive of students of different ages, genders and physical abilities.  

  2. ESports teams create a virtual community.

  3. Students learn cross-functional skills such as broadcasting, digital arts and social media marketing. 

Scholarship Info

Popular ESports Games

Rocket League
League of Legends
Super Smash Bros
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